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Guess which programming language a file is written in.

This is heavily based on GitHub’s linguist, particularly its languages.yml.

Difftastic does not reuse languages.yml directly. Linguist has a larger set of language detection strategies.


An iterator over the variants of Language


Language 🔒
Languages supported by difftastic. Each language here has a corresponding tree-sitter parser.


Try to guess the language based on an Emacs mode comment at the beginning of the file.
from_glob 🔒
Try to guess the language based on a shebang present in the source.
guess 🔒
File globs that identify languages based on the file path.
The language name shown to the user.
If there is a language called name (comparing case insensitively), return it. Treat "text" as an additional option.
Use a heuristic to determine if a ‘.h’ file looks like Objective-C. We look for a line starting with ‘#import’, ‘@interface’ or ‘@protocol’ near the top of the file. These keywords are not valid C or C++, so this should not produce false positives.