pub trait Consumer<Item>: Send + Sized {
    type Folder: Folder<Item, Result = Self::Result>;
    type Reducer: Reducer<Self::Result>;
    type Result: Send;

    fn split_at(self, index: usize) -> (Self, Self, Self::Reducer);
    fn into_folder(self) -> Self::Folder;
    fn full(&self) -> bool;
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A consumer is effectively a generalized “fold” operation, and in fact each consumer will eventually be converted into a Folder. What makes a consumer special is that, like a Producer, it can be split into multiple consumers using the split_at method. When a consumer is split, it produces two consumers, as well as a reducer. The two consumers can be fed items independently, and when they are done the reducer is used to combine their two results into one. See the plumbing README for further details.

Required Associated Types

The type of folder that this consumer can be converted into.

The type of reducer that is produced if this consumer is split.

The type of result that this consumer will ultimately produce.

Required Methods

Divide the consumer into two consumers, one processing items 0..index and one processing items from index... Also produces a reducer that can be used to reduce the results at the end.

Convert the consumer into a folder that can consume items sequentially, eventually producing a final result.

Hint whether this Consumer would like to stop processing further items, e.g. if a search has been completed.