pub trait IntoParallelRefMutIterator<'data> {
    type Iter: ParallelIterator<Item = Self::Item>;
    type Item: Send + 'data;

    fn par_iter_mut(&'data mut self) -> Self::Iter;
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IntoParallelRefMutIterator implements the conversion to a ParallelIterator, providing mutable references to the data.

This is a parallel version of the iter_mut() method defined by various collections.

This trait is automatically implemented for I where &mut I: IntoParallelIterator. In most cases, users will want to implement IntoParallelIterator rather than implement this trait directly.

Required Associated Types

The type of iterator that will be created.

The type of item that will be produced; this is typically an &'data mut T reference.

Required Methods

Creates the parallel iterator from self.

use rayon::prelude::*;

let mut v = vec![0usize; 5];
v.par_iter_mut().enumerate().for_each(|(i, x)| *x = i);
assert_eq!(v, [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]);